Working platform

EDUG works to ensure that the development of the DDC meets the needs of European Dewey users.

Previously, EDUG has formed working groups to work onimprovements to the 340s (Law), 370s (Education) and 930s (Archaeology). All of these working groups are now concluded and their work is documented in the archive. 

In order to find new areas to work on, EDUG has added three forums to the website: Dewey structural issues, Dewey translation issues and issues related to mapping to/from Dewey. The forums can be accessed from the menu in the left column. All forums are open to all Dewey users.

Here are some examples of the types of issues to discuss in the forums:

Dewey structural issues: There are several areas in DDC in which the criteria for division don't work very well from a European perspective. For example, specific types of some of the sports in 796 are subdivided by levels corresponding to school sports in the USA. In Norway and many other European countries, sports have no affiliations to schools, but are rather played in clubs at various age levels. If this or similar structural issues are problematic for you in your library, please add it to the forum.

Dewey translation issues: There are many terms that are difficult to translate from English, and conversely, many terms that don't exist in English. The latter do not exist in Dewey unless they are brought to the Dewey editors' attentions. An example in Norwegian is "særboere" (people in partnerships who don't live together).  

Mapping to/from Dewey: With help from the Dewey editors at OCLC, a mapping editorial team consisting of Unni Knutsen, Grete Seland, Tina Mengel, Uma Balakrishnan, Harriet Aagaard and Elise Conradi has finalized a document based on discussion from the Mapping Workshop in Naples in 2015. Discussion about the recommendations is found on the forum., and the the recommendations may change further with experience from use of the recommendations. Recommendations for mapping to/from DDC  (version 2016-06-16)