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2015 workshop: Mapping to/from the Dewey Decimal Classification

For some years mapping has been one of the main tasks in the EDUG member countries. While the ISO standard on mapping and interoperability with other vocabularies (ISO 25964-2) gives some advice on creating mappings between a thesaurus and e.g. a classification system, it does not deal with Dewey Decimal Classification specifically. The EDUG members have felt a growing need to discuss and record the knowledge acquired in mapping projects where either the source or the target vocabulary is DDC.

The recommendations below are the result of a seminar on mapping in connection with the EDUG annual meeting in April 2015 and were slightly amended after discussions at the follow-up seminar at the meeting in April 2016 and on the forum. The recommendations are not exhaustive and will be subject to change as EDUG members gain more experience in this field of work. We still hope that institutions planning to embark on a mapping project to/from DDC, may find the guidelines helpful.

Image     EDUG’s recommendations for best practice in mapping involving Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) (version 20160616)

(updated 21/06/2016)